How many SX-70 (models)?

When I just started collecting polaroid SX-70 I had the impression that there were 2 models, the original SX-70 and after the sonar models. I could be more wrong. After reading and collecting all the model variations I believe that I can sort a kind of a list:

SX-70 (non sonar)


SX-70 model 2 (Black)

SX-70 model 2 (Ivory)

SX-70 Alpha or Alpha 1

SX-70 Model 2 Alpha or Alpha 1

SX-70 Special Edition

SX-70 Sears Edition

SX-70 Revue

SX-70 SX-70 Executive

SX-70 Model 3

I will leave the sonar models and Gold plated models for a next post



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